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The BINCH name in Australia was carried on by the two sons of William and Sarah, the children being: Sarah Anne took on married name "Kirby". Anna Maria took on married name "Pentecost" went to N.Z. David William b: 1853 Had 7 children. Samuel b: 1857 Had 8 children. Mary Ann took on married name "Payne" there was another son but died at childbirth.

brian cerato

Anna Maria BINCH b:1851 at Pt Henry.Vic.AUS.Anna married William Thomas PENTECOST in Geelong,Victoria and went to New Zealand. Having Two daughters Victoria Louise Penticost and Cissie Pentecost hence there is a Clan of "PURDIE'S" and "NEATE'S" in New Zealand after thier marriagesWalter NEATE m: Victoria and H. Purdie m: Cissie

brian cerato

Sarah Anne BINCH b: circa 1846 came out to "The Colonies" in 1849 on the "S V' Success" with her mother was listed on the manifest as being 1 year old. I do not have much about her early years! Sarah Anne was raped by a Geelong Police Sargent Roche in 1872 subsequently the Policeman commited suicide in 1873 due to the public disgrace of the case. Hence the ROCHE part of her daughters name "Adelaide Roche Binch" b 1873. In later years she met a Robert KIRBY and married him in 1876 she bore him one daughter "Sarah Ann KIRBY" b:1877. Adelaide Roche Binch was fostered out at the time of the marriage and it wasn't for some time that Sarah told Robert about Adelaide. Robert never forgave her about the deception. Sarah and Adelaide attended the "Early Hermitage School" Geelong.


My name is Nicola and I am a descendant of the Binch Family from Nottingham, England. I have found this site extremely helpful in compiling and confirming my family history on my Nan's side and wish to thank you all in this regard. I have succeeded with a few earlier branches of our family tree pre 1799/1800 (all thanks to the postings on this site!) dating back to 1674. However, I understand our family tree extends to Belgium some time before 1697 and prior to this from Spain, but I have been unable to locate any information on this line of the family tree and would be extremely grateful for any help anyone can give. I do hope to hear from you.


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  1. Hi. I'm a descendant of Cissie, who married Henry Purdue (not Purdie) and went to NZ. Thanks for all this info - you've added some stuff I didn't know.