Wednesday, November 20, 2013

English-Aus Connection > william arthur binch b:1821.calverton .Linage

brian cerato

Hi Everyone,I am writing to you from Australia and have been looking into, not only the Australian Clan , also the Nottingham connection and it looks like we can claim a direct link to Thomas BINCHHe was born on 1674 in Linby, Nottingham, England. Thomas married Elizabeth Hall on 4 Feb 1698 in Papplewick, Nottingham, England. He died on 17 Jun 1714 in Papplewick, Nottingham, England.if you go: Ancestors               Choose BINCH from Name List                then William Arthur Binch  4 March 1821                then Pedigree                 it will show his great Grandfather William Binch                 then click him it will show  Thomas binch b:1674So can any of you British Cousins connect to that line or maybe take it back further hope to hear from anyone soonregardsBrian .

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