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brian cerato

I have recently come across this interesting site and wonder if anyone knows anything about Thomas Binch, clock maker of Mansfield, and James Binch, who may be his son. James was a clock maker in Liverpool and died 1791 aged 75 years. James is referred to as Major James Binch in the Family Bible when he marries Susannah Lassell. There is a record in the 'Miscellanious State Papers' 1727-1760, of a Thomas Binch of Mansfield clock maker requesting the discharge of his son James from the Royal Dragoons so that he can assist his father. Could this be my James Binch? I would be interested to hear from anyone with any ideas.

Margaret Brett


Hi, I'm not sure but I can ask! My husbands family is quite large and most of them live on the outskirts of mansfield but I can try and find out for you x


Dont have info on Thomas Binch the clockmaker, but had to reply because my son is called Thomas Binch and my brother in law is James Binch and we all live in Mansfield now!!! How strange!!! x


Hi Jode
Your reply is interesting, Do you know anything about past Binch's of Mansfield. There is a clock by Thomas Binch in the Mansfield Museum. We were in Mansfield in the Spring but despite looking up a number of record did not come up with anything new. I would be interested to hear if you have anything to add.


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