Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AUS.Binch History > second BINCH to Arrive in Western Australia

brian cerato

That document about George E Binch "emigrating to America " actually concerns another "Binch Lineof the Family, Probobly a cousin, who was convicted and sent to Australia in 19 Sep 1851 and was returning to England after completing his sentence. thought I would share this info that comes to mind.

brian cerato

There are records in Fremantle Prison Records showing a BINCH. I have spoken to some of them by phone and Wayne has some info in the next POST

brian cerato

Wayne Binch found this. Thanks Wayne.
Second Binch family in Australia. Freda Joyce Binch b / / England, d / / M 08/02/1946 Ballidu, Western Australia Albert Joseph Banks b / / d / /

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