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General Discussion > The Binch Family in Lace Manufacturing in Nottingham and USA


Eli Binch born c 1798 worked as a Frame work knitter and later a lace maker. He had 5 children David, Elizabeth, Samuel, William and Walter. David designed a jaquard lace machine which was and might still be on display in Nottingham Museum. The family then went into manufacturing of lace. Eli and his son Walter appear to have been the main drivers of the business. Walter carried on the business after his father retired. Eli died in 1890 aged 92. Walter had 4 sons, Herbert born 1863, Wallace or Wallis Eli 1865, Francis 1869 and Alonzo Walter 1872. Alonzo appears to be the only one who did not work in the business. Wallis Eli took over the business from his father. Herbert and Francis and their families moved to America where they established a Lace Manufacturing business, H & F Binch, in Glens Falls, New York in 1916. Their migration is recorded on They sold the business in 1942 but the name continued and is still referred to in Labour law references following a strike at the plant in 1968. The plant closed in 2006 it was then known as Native Textiles and there are references to it via Google.Wallis Eli Binch and later his sons Walter and Albert continued the business at factories in Nottingham and Sandiacre, Wallace entered politics in 1924 as a city Councillor. He was Sheriff of Nottingham in 1934/5 and elected Lord Mayor of Nottingham in 1939. He died in 1946. I have a little more on the family if anyone is interested


Dear ColinI read your posting with great interest and have a couple of questions for you,Was Eli Binch actually born in 1800 as some other researchers suggest?Was the daughter of Eli Binch actually Rebecca Elizabeth Binch as some other researchers suggest?From my research regarding the USA, I have not found any record of Herbert Binch or Francis Binch, so maybe you have some more information on their branches.From my research I have found more information on that branch of the Binch family tree, but I have not found the link to my branch as yet, so maybe you can help with that. I have also found information of 34 branches of the Binch family tree in the United Kingdom but I am yet to find the links, so maybe you can help with that as well.If you have an email address and have Microsoft Works Version 4.0 then I can email a copy of all of my files to you.Anyway, I will close for now and await your reply.Yours sincerelyWayne Binch

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