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AUS.Binch History > william arthur binch b:1821

brian cerato

William (28y)was married to Sarah Ann Hyde in England,could both read and write, was a farm labourer and was sentenced in the Spilsbury Sessions 7/7/1846 7 yrs TRANSPORTATION for Stealing 68 fleeces of wool,transferred to Millbank Prison 8th August 1846 trained in prison as rug & mat makerThe Prison Ship "Anna Maria" left Portsmouth 9th March 1848 bound for Australia arriving Geelong 23 June 1848 with163 "Exiles" plus eight boy convicts . .(hence the first born daughter in Australia was called Ann Maria)He was unfortunately discharged from the ship under the guise as William BUICK ,due too A Transcribe error. had to go to the original Convict list ,last man on page 1. Registration No.1186 With the help of the Binch family in England.Sarah Anne Binch (nee: RYDE)Wife and Sarah Anne BINCH (Daughter) Immigrated to "The COLONIES" in 1849 arriving 18 December on the SV "SUCCESS"'passenger list is some text regarding convicts of that era."Exiles or as they were also known Pentonvillians were people who had been convicted of an offence in Britain and were serving their sentence in an English prison, usually Pentonville, Parkhurst or Millbank. Those prisoners, depending on their crime, who were seen as being well behaved whilst serving the early part of their sentence were given an option of being sent to the Australian colonies, in this case Victoria, and on arrival being given a conditional pardon.The condition of the pardon being that the person remained in the colony for the duration of the unexpired part of their sentence. In effect they were exiled to Australia."William received a conditional Pardon upon arrival William was a Farm Laborer on one of the propeties not far from where he Landed in Queenscliff on the Ballaraine Peninsular,Geelong.Like his forefathers back in Nottinghamshire, England, the family didn't stray too far and the family stayed in Geelong. too this day there are decendants "abound" in the region.

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