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Wayne Leonard Binch. April 15, 1960 - April 2009

Wayne passed away in April of this year. He died of a heart attack in his home in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia. To my knowledge, he was only survived by his mother, Laura May Hopkinson. I did not know Wayne very well; we only conversed via email in regards to our family history. I know that researching his family history was a passion of his, and it was not for naught. I believe he was able to publish online just about all of his family history research before he died, and he sent me a folder containing much research as well. I will make sure that the research he has compiled will be forever available to our future generations in one form or another, and he will be remembered as a great family historian. Please feel free to post your thoughts below.


Hi Steve,

Yes Wayne did pass away this year. He is survived by not only his mother but also his sister, niece, nephew, great niece and nephew. Just for my own records Steve, would you mind letting me know who it was that informed you of my uncle's passing. I will continue his section of the family tree very soon just have a lot of things to sort out at the moment. Take care all.


brian cerato

To All people tracing the BINCH Family in Australia please drop me a message and i will see if I can help now that Wayne Binch has passed away


  1. Wayne wrote to my mother, Aline, in 2005. Mum was the wife of Albert, born 1919 died 1980, son of Arthur and Ada. Mum, passed Wayne's letter on to me because I expressed an interest in researching the family history, mostly due to the fact that our branch of the family will end with me and my brother since we have no male children. This research has been on the back burner for lots of reasons but as I get older I felt that I needed to 'get on with it', before it was too late. I was sorry to learn from this site that Wayne died some years ago and that I never responded to his enquiries but his contribution to the overall network will prove invaluable, especially as I have been able to use some of the blog to trace ancestors back to Samuel and Maria in Calverton. Other contributors comments should enable me to fill in many of the gaps, since my greatgrandfather (I think this was David, Hannah's illegitimate son? and grandfather, Arthur appear to have attempted to populate the entire village of Calverton with a total of about 29 children between them. RIP Wayne.

  2. Hi.
    My name is Stephen Fleming and I am in Australia.
    I was going through some old photos & found two letters Wayne had written to one of my distant family members.
    I too am saddened by his death, albeit 7 years ago.
    In his letters he has detailed a connection between the Binch Family & the Flemings.
    He also stated he was generating a history of the Fleming family.
    Does anyone have access to that history?

    Thank you.

  3. I am trying to research my great aunt Dorothea who married Allan Binch in 1946 we are interested in Allan and Dianne and Ian Robert the children as well as the grand children Shannon and Brianna we last had contact of them in Oak park and pascoe vale area victoria australia