Wednesday, November 20, 2013

USA BINCH History > H. & F. Binch Co.


There is a letter from H. & F. Binch Co. of Glens Falls, New York, to the Rev. William Binch of Manchester on the Histories page.
Sylvia Binch (Talma) purchased it on e-bay, scanned it, and made it available to everyone.

Thank you Sylvia.

Peter Kyle

Hi Steve,
Great to find your site . I am Ella Mae Binch's grandson & wonder how her father (Reese Binch) is related to Eli's family & all the USA Binches? I have let my great uncle, David Binch (Reese's youngest son) know about your site. We can fill in the blanks on our relatives.


Peter Kyle (email is pkyle[a]

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